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Feast Events
At Roxie's I work closely with my customers to create menus that everyone is excited about. The menus tend to focus on slow roasting and smoking meat, pork shoulder or brisket. Most recently a whole lamb asado was the main event.

Everything can be customised to suit your personal tastes and requirements. I can do large events serving meat directly from the BBQ with a serve yourself salad area or a sit down 3 course meal with canapes. As a fully trained chef with varied experience the sky's the limit.
Markets & Festivals
On the market the main offer is a choice of either beef bavette steak, 10hr slow cooked pulled lamb, merguez style lamb sausage or pulled smoked aubergine. All options are served on a choice of seasonal salads.

This is accompanied by a sides offering of Ancho chili hummus with grilled flatbread and my unique BBQ'd chocolate chip cookies. The drinks are a selection from Dalston's soda; Cola, Lemonade, Orangeade, Cherryade and Fizzy Elderflower.

For the more ravenous, or those willing to share, I offer a BBQ plate that assembles; 10hr smoked beef short rib, chicken wing, lamb sausage, mix of salads, ancho chili hummus and flatbread
In my cooking and on the stall I use varied spice blends and sauces.

My Rub It line is all about bespoke spice mixes. Currently available is Bovine Boost for use with beef and BBQ Blast for use with chicken and pork, typically BBQ'd.

My Case It line, a subsection of Rub It, is all about spice mixes for making sausages. Current flavours are Merguez and Calabrian.

My Douse It line is all about the sauce. Currently available is Ancho Chili Hot Sauce and Harissa Paste which is the base of my harissa aioli.

All products are only available on the stall, for now.
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